Jeff Rowland - Is It Raining in New York City?

Is it Raining in New York City?
When I painted this work I was fully aware that it was harking back to paintings I had done in the past. However, I just love to paint this era and this old part of New York. It is a lovely old street in New York called Washington Street. When I visited the city a few years ago, a trip to this street was at the top of my "to see" list. It has been a powerful image in lots of films but to my mind it will always be the famous shot in 'Once Upon a Time in America'. All of the 1950s atmosphere, cinematic romance and film noir is here. All that I have tried to achieve in paintings is within this image. Again we have a couple caught in the rain catching a classic New York yellow cab, set against the backdrop of the very iconic Manhattan Bridge, I have tried to recreate that 50s feel using my trade mark colours of blues and grays yet, unlike the black and white films, I have the warmth and sanctuary of the New York cab. This I feel gives a warming atmosphere to what could be a cold painting. Looking at the composition it still gives out a narrative to the viewer and an option to make of the story what you will.

Canvas On Board
Size 24" x 20"

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